London City Airport opened back in 1987 and a major expansion scheme commenced in 2016. The airport now serves around 4.5 million passengers a year mainly for short-haul flights. It is used mainly by business travellers with destinations such as Luxembourg and Frankfurt.

In January 2021 London became the first major airport controlled by a remote air traffic control tower and in April 2023, London City became the first major UK airport to drop the 100-millilitre liquid rule. Passengers travelling through London City are now able to carry liquids of up to two litres in their carry-on luggage.

EM Tecnica have been working at London City for several years and our projects include refurbishment of the International Departure Lounge, Aelia Duty Free shop, shell and core facilities for updated retail spaces, new security equipment, new and refurbished restrooms, and we have also been working on their engineering standards update.


London City Airport, Docklands, London